The Bucyrus Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to partner with Crawford Works in support of their efforts to serve their clients, job seekers who want to work their way out of poverty, as well as providing local employers with access to a stronger, better prepared workforce.

What makes the Crawford Works program different:

  • Using a holistic and collaborative approach, Crawford Works will help members successfully manage obstacles that are impeding the member’s ability to retaining employment.  Obstacles such as: financial and legal management and advocacy challenges, job coaching, and behavioral counseling, child care, transportation, educational/advancement resources.

  • The short-term goal for the unemployed is to help them stabilize in a job that pays entry level wages with health benefits.

  • The long-term goal is for the underemployed to earn 200% of the federal poverty guidelines and move towards economic self-sufficiency…becoming taxpayers and productive citizens who no longer require public assistance.

  • Provide job lead information

  • Provide one on one coaching

  • Provide case management and follow-up with members and employers

  • The focus is not just placement, but also retention through the goals of ‘One Year at One Job’ and ‘Call Before You Quit’ policies.

  • Membership is for life. Participants become Members of the Crawford Works program and receive a lifetime membership for as long as they are employed or actively seeking work.

Read more about Crawford Works and the program here, or call the Chamber at 419-562-4811.