Heat Wave Tanning invites the Bucyrus community to celebrate the business’s first anniversary under new ownership.  

Husband-and-wife duo Kevin and Angie Mass took over the Bucyrus tanning salon, located at 118 E Charles Street, in January 2022.    

“My husband and I are a team, and even our kids are involved,” Angie said. “We have come together as a family to make it work.” 

Since the couple took over the business, Heat Wave Tanning has grown exponentially, seeing over one hundred tans each day, on average. Angie said this is largely because of the incredible support from the Bucyrus community.  

Now, the family-owned, family-run business is striving to meet higher goals in the new year.  

“We really want to keep growing and keep building,” she said. “We’ve seen what our numbers were last year, and we have goals set and we want to beat those numbers this year.” 

In addition to setting a higher per-day goal, the Mass family is hoping to make another tanning room available, specifically with a Mega bed or higher level, in the near future. 

Angie said tanning establishments have made leaps and bounds to help educate their clientele on healthy tanning. Beds and bulbs can affect the tan and the impact on help, and Heat Wave strives to ensure they are giving their customers top-of-the-line treatment and care.  

“Tanning has come a long way,” Angie said. “We’re not in the business of burning skin; we in the business of tanning skin the healthy way.” 

Heat Wave Tanning is teaming up with the Bucyrus Area Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the business’s first anniversary under the leadership of Kevin and Angie Mass on Thursday, Jan. 26. Festivities begin with a ribbon cutting at 1 p.m. and continue with an open house, cookies from Boy Mom Bakery, fresh food from Ponchos Tacos, and door prizes. All are welcome.