Two Bucyrus organizations are teaming up to support neighbors in need and fight hunger in Crawford County. 

The Crawford Marion ADAMH Board and Bucyrus BORN announced the installation and opening of a Blessing Box. A Blessing Box is a free-standing box that holds non-perishable food items for community use.  

“We noticed that other communities had these food boxes and thought that our community could benefit from one,” ADAMH Board Associate Director Paula Brown said. “Myself, Tabitha Linn from BORN, Miki Zeigler from Brightview, and Mary Jo Carle from Together We Hurt, Together We Heal got our heads together on this project one year ago to brainstorm.” 

Blessing Boxes have been established in several communities across the country. Built by the Eliminators Car Club, the Bucyrus Blessing Box will contain canned goods with easy open lids and other basic foods. 

“The Blessing Box would be available for use whenever the need arises,” according to a more in-depth breakdown released by the ADAMH Board. “People that work long hours or in need of a food item after social service agencies are closed will benefit. Youths that might not be receiving adequate food at home may access the Blessing Box. People that do not get paid till Friday but have no food to feed their family on Wednesday. Individuals, whatever their circumstance, may access food items on an as needed basis. No one should go hungry.” 

The Box will be supported by community donations, and the organizations behind the project hope churches, community groups, and civic organizations will consider sponsoring the Blessing Box for a one-month period. Sponsors will check on the box, during their selected month, to see if it needs to be replenished.  

Bucyrus BORN will stock items and keep a tracking log of how many items are distributed monthly and provide this information periodically to community stakeholders. Interested groups could contact BORN for more information on how to assist with this project. 

The Crawford Marion ADAMH Board and Bucyrus BORN are partnering with the Bucyrus Area Chamber of Commerce to hold a ribbon cutting ceremony on April 25 on Swiggart Street near Bucyrus BORN. Festivities begin at 1 p.m. All are welcome.