42nd Annual Best “Wurst” Bike Ride

Special “Thanks” to Tom Moon and Gerry Dolan for developing our routes

Routes and Maps May 15, 2022

The glaciers came through Crawford County so our terrain is reasonably flat and fertile. Making it ideal for farming. That means we have very scenic roads without much traffic. The county is a giant bike route for your enjoyment. The roads are also well maintained, so seldom is heard a discouraging word. Truly ideal for cycling.

Routes will be very well marked on the pavement making it easier to follow.

NOTE; Because the routes can change up until the ride, digital maps will not be posted until August 12, 2022

Download Printable Map for Routes (15 and 32 mile)

15 mile Family Ride –

15 miles really isn’t that far when you take a break at the half way mark. That is what we have. You will ride 7 1/2 miles out to the Colonel Crawford School campus. There you will have a water break and restroom stop. On the campus is the restored 1842 Dapper Cabin. It will be available for you to see.

If you are still intimidated, there are cross roads you can take to cut your mileage to 8, 11, or 13 miles without the water stop/break.

15 Mile GPX File
15 mile KML File

32 mile route-

You will appreciate the same terrain as the 15 miler but with a few more twists and turns. Going South out of the fairgrounds, carefully cross one traffic light and you are on your way. Keep your eye out for buffalo when you are on Wyandot/Marion Rd. (also referred to as County Line Rd.)

In New Winchester we have a water stop scheduled at Burkhardt Farms which is around the 10 mile mark and is a good chance to stretch your legs. Then continue on to Lowe-Volk Park, a jewel of the county. This is a full snack stop with peanut butter sandwiches, fruit, cookies, etc. Water and restrooms are available as well as indoor seating.

On leaving the park, you will be on a great downhill stretch of the ride. USE CAUTION AND RIDE SINGLE FILE. You will be feeling great as you head to the Colonel Crawford School Campus and your opportunity to see the restored 1842 Dapper Cabin. (water and restrooms).

32 Mile GPX file
32 mile kml file

47 mile route-

Simple, you combine the two routes. We request you do the 32 mile route first.